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Hello everyone !  There is some mornings, especially sunday mornings better than others… This one is one of them :) I just received this morning our physical CD of our live recording Quentin Paquignon Quartet “Live in Shanghai” .

I was a little bit worried about the quality of it, but the factory did a great job. The artwork I designed is perfectly working, colors are good, and sound is perfect. So here it is, our first live CD. It’s been one year of crazy work to bring it to reality and I am really happy of the result. I believe that it’s the first stone of a great artistic cooperation with the wonderful musicians I have the chance to play with. Many ideas in my mind to go forward, to explore new territories, compositions…A lot of work ahead and it feels really good, I can tell you!

You can listen to samples below :

But we didn’t only make the CD we also made the DVD of the concert… It will be ready soon and released this autumn, but if you want to get an idea about it you can watch a sample of the concert below :

You can watch more videos on : YOUTUBE  //  YOUKU

We wanted also to thank a lot the co-producers of this crazy recording project : Carl Siegel  - Jenn Chan Lyman – Jean-Paul Paille – Nathalie Grilly – Fabienne Amirault – Gerald Mendes – Astrid & Cyril Lavigne – Judikael Mauffret – Pascale Dubert – Florian Michaut – Mathieu Septier – Pascale Rondel – Ekkehard Beermann – Thomas Houlon – Georges Porte – Nadine Burget – Patrick & Marie-Noelle Paquignon – Bruno Gnocchi – Marie-Therese Puig – Francoise Demarez – Marie-Christine Gayffier – Colette Fredonnet – Yves Durand – Bruno Burtin – Erwan Fagant – Jan Orawiec – Daniel & Helene Couderd – Ghislaine Tambrun – Jacqueline Barrouillet – Francois Xavier & Annie Fagant – Jean Luc & Baiyun Paille – Genevieve Marchalot – Carlos Marin Guy Michel & Dominique Pesty – Domimique Large – Genevieve Benedetti – Marie France Gallis – Marc & Inma Rampelberg – Jean Paul Chenet …. Without you, we could not have make it!  We hope you will like the result of your confidence in our project. Thanks a lot from the bottom of our hearts !

If you want to get more infos about the Quentin Paquignon Quartet, please visit our page here .

Thanks a lot ! Have a wonderful sunday on earth, keep smiling and be happy! Stay tuned ! Peace, love and harmony to all of you !